Do you ever wish to take up a job, which assigns you duty in a virtual ground –zero, a land completely filled with aliens, leaving behind your loved ones in the home country, moreover you knew that you would be killed once you are caught and you won’t be rewarded for your heroic acts.

The answer would be probably a big no, since every one of us would expect something or other for whatever we do. But, Ravindra Kaushik took up the job without giving any second thought. Because the force which drives him is his unselfish love towards the motherland and his brothers & sisters.

It is not a James Bond story which depicts about luxury cars, hotels, sweet women and wine. This is not another “veer zara” or “ Ek Tha Tiger” which tells another prem kahani. This is a true story about an unsung hero of India- Ravindra Kaushik aka Black Tiger.

Early life

Ravindra Kaushik was born in a border town of Rajasthan- Gangasagar to a middle class Punjabi family. Since childhood he shared immense love for two things: one for dramas and the other for his country India. He was an above average student in education but no one matched him when it comes to the stage. He is the resemblance of noble traits unselfishness, patriotism, philanthropy, to say in one word he is an ideal man.

Time in RAW

India was indulged in three brutal and blood-shedding wars. One in 1961 with China, second in 1965 with Pakistan and again in 1971 with Pakistan. All of these deadly wars took a heavy human toll on Indian side, where scores of India’s defense personnel lost their lives fighting for their country. It was ascertained that this loss would have been minimized if sufficient Intel was provided by Intelligence Bureau (IB) . As IB failed to perform the given task efficiently, R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing), the most pious organization of India came into existence. R&AW was formed on the lines of CIA with the insistence of Indira Gandhi, with R.N. Kao as its founding chairman.

Since there would be no direct recruitment into RAW, they started looking out for dynamic agents in secrecy. It is during this moment, they found their greatest asset and lethal weapon the mighty “Ravindra Kaushik”. Ravindra Kaushik was performing a mono-act in National Drama event at Lucknow. It is said that he was playing the role of an Indian spy in that mono-act, he refused to disclose the information rather insisted to die when he was caught by China. RAW officials who were present among the audience didn’t look at him as a normal citizen, but a man who was born to uphold the pride of the nation even when the death was over his shoulder. After making several background checks, they offered him a job as an agent in RAW. He knew that life won’t be easy as an agent in foreign land; he had to take hard decisions, leave all his beloved ones behind. But all those failed to stand against his love for his country. At last he chose to serve his country till his last breath.


After graduating in commerce, he went to Delhi. He underwent intense training in spy-tactics for 2 years. He learned Quran. Being a Punjabi, he is well versed with Punjabi Language which is mostly spoken language in Pakistan, which turned to be an advantage in his assignment. He was entrusted with the task of infiltrating into Pakistan Army and pass on the valuable information to his Indian counterparts, which would save lives of thousands of Indians. He knew that his life was at great stake since he needs to perform this task in Pakistan, an arch-enemy of India. He took up the job with sheer courage and determination.


Undercover Operation

After finishing his training in New Delhi, he flew to Saudi Arabia and finally ended in Pakistan. He enrolled in Karachi University under the disguise “Nabi Ahmad Shakir”and obtained LLB degree. Within no time he successfully entered into Pakistan Army, initially he served as civil clerk and later rose to the rank of Major. From 1979-1983 for 4 years, he passed on critical and sensitive information about Pakistan movements to Indian establishments. It saved nearly millions of Indians. India spoiled almost every covert operation of Pakistan successfully.

It is said that Indira Gandhi herself conferred the title “Black Tiger” to Ravindra Kaushik. Pakistan officials failed to trace this tiger, who is popular even among them. During these years only he got married to a local Pakistan girl. His exceptional expertise in deceptive skills turned him to be a vital asset for the Indian agencies.

The last days

Unlike movies real stories always don’t have happy endings. This turned to be true even in the case of Ravindra Kaushik. “Inyat Masiha” a RAW agent who was sent to get in contact with Ravindra was caught by Pakistan security forces while crossing the border to Pakistan. Inyat Masiha was forced to disclose the information about “Black Tiger “, finally he gave all the information regard to Black Tiger. Ravindar Kaushik’s cover was finally blown. He was tortured barbarically and awarded with death sentence on espionage charges. With the efforts of Indian government behind the scene this was changed to life imprisonment. After spending all his precious years between four walls of jail, he was succumbed to Tuberculosis and died in 2001.

Finally he was buried behind Central Multan jail in a nowhere land. He spent his last years in many hardships: His wife and son were killed; he never got a chance to see his parents and siblings. Above all he was not awarded with any honorary for his remarkable achievements.

But I hope he would win the hearts of every Indian who reads this heroic heist. He will be a source of inspiration for youth and young RAW agents.

Author: Vicky Alex