“In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” – Alfred Stieglitz

Photography! The best and probably the only way to capture, emotions, and memories. Is there any other way? Probably not! It brings nausea, it cures emotional burden. A photo might not describe a person, but it surely does evoke feelings in one. Such is the power of photography. Many dreams of photography. Capturing moments from a young age. It is love and life.

In simple words, we could describe photography as a visual medium of a frozen memory speaking louder than words. True, right?

Individuals have a passion for photography. A dream which they had from a young age. To capture the essence of the life. To show the world, the reality, the happiness, the sadness, the real face of the society through their photography. Most try but only a few succeed in their photography. It is because it is beyond taking pictures. It shows the society a greater understanding of things and how beautiful or realistic one can portray a thing.

Few excel in doing so. In showing the world the things that are important. In giving the world a visual euphoria. But, we see around, there are many who quit photography. Either it is an unstable career, family’s pressure, low self-confidence, or unable to carry on the passion in times of low when they fail at a particular stage. Photography initially wasn’t even considered a profession and was highly criticized and people who even try to enter this field were looked down upon.

Is it true? Quitting photography for some event or something. It is not. Photography is an art which only a few have the ability to understand, It is the gift which few possess. It is a craft, a narration of so many things in one single visual. Quitting is not the answer for any reason. It is just an act of a fool.

Photography can change lives of millions. It can bring bliss to a person. It can bring changes that are not possible through any other mediums. There are many people on this planet who have changed the way we look at things, striking down the evilness, empowering the societies, and the list goes on.


Photograph Source: Per-Anders Pettersson


One such man is Per-Anders Pettersson, a Cape Town based photographer. He turned his passion for photography into a 30-year long career in which he mostly covered the military life of Africa, disease epidemics, civil wars, hunger, poverty, and many issues affecting the lives of the people. He did several major projects like “Kuwait-1991, Chinese in Africa, Soweto, Congo River: DRC and much more”.

Even a book was published with his name called African Catwalk in 2016 which represents the African Fashion Industry. Per-Anders Pettersson won several awards like World Press Photo, Unicef Photo of the Year, American Photography and Commarts and several others and was praised enough it appeared at several festivals and Galleries and one such was Somerset House in London.

He was interviewed by several big magazines like TIME and Vogue to know about his story of opting photography as a career.

Today, Per-Anders Pettersson stands as an inspiration for aspiring photographers. His work is highly influential sparking the passion of photographers.

People who are interested in photography should look up and work for their dreams. If you are unsure of your stability, instead of quitting, work on your skills in the possible time. Several movies came out talking about a person criticized because he was interested in photography rather than studies. Like an Indian movie “Wake Up Sid” and several inspirational stories were heard about people who quit their jobs to turn their passion for photography into a profession with their immense talent.

Whereas, unlike the past decade, this decade has many opportunities for photographers. There are various mediums where one could get into. Social media and other online sites are giving big opportunities to portray the skills and who the world their hidden talents. Thanks to the inspirations and opportunities today many are turning their passion into a career. Thus, giving us more beauty of the world and bringing out the changes in the society.


Ajay Krishna, head of Creative Clouds started his career in photography right after his education.  “Creative Clouds Designs” hatched out from passionate hearts of two brothers Sashikanth and Ajay combining profound intelligence and creativity in fine arts. Many mocked them, but today they stand among of the best photographers. The sole reason is that they believed in their talent and did not let the mockery over take their dreams. 


Photograph Source: Ajay, http://creativeclouddesigns.in/


So, if you have the passion for photography then don’t be worried about the society. Go ahead and pursue your passion. One thing is that only a few possess the ability to understand and capture the essence of a moment. The other, seriously? Why do you want to quit something which you excel at? If you do not see the results work on it with your heart and soul, soon the world would recognize your talents and you will be the epitome.

Author: Yoshima Singh