Last year, Chinese automaker NextEV announced NIO EP9, a self-driving electric car. Yesterday, the car lapped the Circuit of the Americas racetrack of Austin, Texas in a record time of 2 minutes and 40.33 seconds with a top speed of 160 mph. It is by far the fastest autonomous car in the world.

It circuited the same track with a top speed of 170 mph in 2 minutes and 11.30 seconds with a driver behind the wheel.


NIO EP9 has an impressive horsepower of 1,342 which comes from four electric motors with a range of 263 miles. According to NextEV, the car has a potential of reaching 194 mph.

NextEV is also one among the manufacturers of Formula E who won the Driver’s Champion in the first season with their driver Nelson Piquet. They also previously set a record at France’s Circuit Paul Ricard and Germany’s Nürburgring tracks.

Tesla has changed the face of Electric cars in the recent past. It did show the world how powerful and beautiful an electric car could be. It did influence the automobile market. It also created a trend of electrical and autonomous vehicles. They not only managed to sell their cars but also has given tough competition to the automobile industry.

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Now, NextEP is setting a new trend in the global market with the enthralling NIO EP9.
NIO EP9 surely is making a mark with this ride. A cool marketing stunt who are set to launch their brand in the US at SXSW next month.It is also creating a new trend in the world of automobiles.  

It can surely be the next leader in the automobile industry delivering autonomous vehicles.

We’ll all have to wait and see for their official launch of the cars in the market. Surely, they will make a big mark. What’s best is that EP9 sure does look like a beast racing down the monsters and burning the bridges. Flame hot and sleek design is giving NextEV an upper hand.

Why wouldn’t someone buy a car which has a jaw-dropping design, mind-blowing speeds, and eco-friendly at the same time? With these things in hand, there is no question of why. Many believe that electric cars will take over the automobile market in the next few years. With designs like these, the words would surely come true.


You can learn more about NIO EP9 at their website: