Revolutionary Minds


Reliance Jio has transformed the Indian telecom market. It brought along with it 4G internet that was faster than ever and rates that are incomparable, practically free. Jio’s free 4G internet and calling services were just too good to resist.... Continue Reading →


Hope for Tomorrow’s Youth

In this day and age, we are easily carried away by tidal waves of peer pressure, and many times little or no respect is given to values, culture, and heritage. While most of us do have a personal value system... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the age of Superhumans!

Human 2.0: Superhumans We, "Homo sapiens" aka "Humans" have always tried to augment their pre-existent capabilities. Either it is the use of sharp stones in the Stone Age or smartphones in the modern age, we have nicked the life to... Continue Reading →

Ice Man – Saving mother Earth by building Artificial Glaciers

Chewang Norphel known as Ice Man is an 81-year-old retired civil engineer who is up fighting the global warming and climate change in his own way by building artificial glaciers. Artificial glaciers? Yeah, that's the mind-blowing fact! Every day the... Continue Reading →

The Great minds of ISRO have brought Glory and Pride to India by taking satellites of 5 great nations into space

Indian Space Research Organization is now proving the capability of India by launching a record number of 104 satellites from Sriharikota Space Centre into space. It includes 101 nan0-satellites from Israel, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Switzerland, and United States. Alongside, India's own... Continue Reading →

1991- Rebirth of Indian Economy from Revolutionary minds

The great P.V. Narasimha Rao Garu and Dr. Manmohan Singh are the sole reason India is what it is today. They have reformed and revived the Indian economic system, the fruits of which we reap today. It is them who... Continue Reading →

Ashok Rathod: Founder of OSCAR Foundation

OSCAR is wonderful within itself. Often contributing to things which stand as a prominent role, mostly in the field of entertainment.A movie, an award, name of a writer, etc are the common things which come to our mind when we... Continue Reading →

Turn your idea into a Start-up (*Secret– You have it within yourself, you just have to realise)

Know what, when, why, and how your audience wants Startups are growing every day in India. In fact, India is one of the largest Startup hubs with over 20,000 startups. Thanks to the innovative and creative entrepreneurs. The ones who... Continue Reading →

Celebrities are now the face of Social Activism and Empowerment

These days we have seen a lot of social issues raised as well as awareness for it. For that we have seen celebrities being ambassadors of such or started an activism on their own. There are many social issues that... Continue Reading →

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